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Windows don’t seem so much like an important home fixture. But when you consider the fact that your home window is a major part of your interaction with the outside world, it is easier to realize the importance of cleaning it regularly. Window cleaning does not only give you a better view of the outdoors, but it also prolongs the life of your window. leaving dirt to accumulate on your window can cause damage since glass is porous and the dirt may begin to breakdown the glass surface if left to linger. Mineral stains, sea spray, oxidation, and paint spray are few of the dirt that can contaminate and probably destroy a glass window.

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Windows Yourself

Most homeowners don’t have enough time on their hands to clean windows as often as they should. And even if you do have enough time, we do not recommend a DIY window cleaning for several reasons. For one, it is unlikely that you will be able to deliver the same streak-free cleaning quality as a professional window cleaner would. Also, window cleaning is a tedious and potentially dangerous endeavor. You may have to get on a ladder for a thorough cleaning. Considering the stress and amount of time that will go into a probably shabby window cleaning, we recommend that you hire expert window cleaning services instead of trying to do the cleaning on your own.

Our window cleaning process

At Oxnard Cleaning Company, we do more than just wiping your window with paper towels and vinegar or ammonia. Rather we use a comprehensive window cleaning process that delivers a streak-free sparkling clean window. First, we rub and scrub the window to get rid of grime, grease, and other contaminants. Then we squeegee the window surface using our professional cleaning equipment that gets rid of the water along with all the dirt on the glass surface. Once the glass window has been clean, we focus don’t the sills and edges of the window and give it a thorough wipe to get it clean.

The types of windows we clean

Our window cleaning technicians have experience with handling all types of windows. We clean single-pane windows, double pan windows, glass panels, skylights, solarium, french pane, and so on. We have all the window cleaning equipment to effectively clean any type of window. We handle both the inside and outside of your window. Our technicians are experienced window cleaners and are trained to efficiently clean all window types.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

We are professionals in every sense of the word. Window cleaning may seem so insignificant to you, but it is one of the core services we offer. We use purified water to clean windows to ensure that the window is spot-free and shiny. We also have all the necessary window cleaning equipment including carbon fiber extension poles. These allow us to reach every inch of your window and get it shiny without using a ladder. You will love the quality of the window cleaning service you will get from us.

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