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Office desks contain several germs that are most likely contributing to your workers taken sick days off work. And even if that sounds like a far stretch, the appearance of your office space when clients visit leaves an impression in their mind about your company, which is sufficient reason to prioritize office cleaning. One of the core ways to take care of your workers and give your customers the best of service is to make sure that your office space is always clean and disinfected regularly. Hiring a professional office cleaning service will also improve the overall value of your workspace and can boost productivity.

Our office cleaning services

Our office cleaning services go beyond the basics. We take office cleaning seriously and put our best to give your office space the thorough clean down it needs. We offer everything from dusting, vacuuming, and trash disposal. You can set up office cleaning with us on a daily or weekly basis. In addition to cleaning your main office space, we also offer additional cleaning services for other areas of your office like the bathrooms, store and so on. Our office cleaning services also include sterilization services to get rid of germs. We understand the unique needs of every office space we clean which is why our cleaning service is customized to your specific needs. We will arrive at your office with all the cleaning products and tools needed for a thorough cleaning so you don’t have to bother about buying additional tools or products. But if you have a specific product you want us to use, you can let us know. Our cleaning crew is trained to work quickly and efficiently without causing too much disruption in your office activities.

Why you should outsource office cleaning

Since office cleaning is important, how about hiring an in-house cleaning staff instead of outsourcing it? Hiring your cleaning staff seems like a cool idea. But you still cannot compare the services you get to what you get when you hire our services at the Oxnard Cleaning Company. To start with, we can confidently say that you will spend more on in-house staff than you will have to spend on hiring our cleaning service. Do the maths and get back to us! In addition to the payroll expenses of hiring your cleaners, you have to delegate someone in your organization a direct supervision role which is another avoidable expense. Using an in-house cleaner also means you have to bear the cost of cleaning products and equipment. When you add all these to the additional benefits like labor insurances, workers compensation claims, vacations, and leaves. It is easy to see why outsourcing to us is a much cheaper alternative.

Office disinfection services

In addition to cleaning, we also offer office disinfection services to make your workspace more hygienic and safer. We have standard disinfection equipment like sprayers, EPA approved disinfectants and protective devices for our staff. We will disinfect high traffic areas and office fixtures that get touched often like light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, door handles, restroom faucets, and so on.

Professional office cleaning services

Oxnard Cleaning Company is your experienced and competent office, cleaning expert. We offer comprehensive office cleaning services for all offices. Our cleaners are fully trained to give you a perfectly clean office space free of germs and dirt. We work very fast to clean and disinfect your office space within disrupting your business.

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