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Do you need help with your routine home cleaning or any other cleaning chore in and around your home, you can request for our maid services. At Oxnard Cleaning company, our maid services help owners handle all their house care and house cleaning chores so they don’t have to fret over anything. Our maids are well trained to deliver to your optimum satisfaction. Whether you are hiring a one-time maid or you want to set up a recurring service with us. We are the maid services company you can trust with your home.

One time maid service

You can schedule a one-time maid service with us at Oxnard Cleaning Company. We offer our one-time cleaning services for homes and businesses in need of special maid assistance to assist them with any type of home chore. Whether you have guests coming into your home or you want to host a party in your house, we are the standby assistance you need for your cleaning and other related stuff. We can clean up your home before or after a major event so you don’t have to bother about clean up and you can concentrate on other things.

Recurring maid services

As a home or business owner, you can also order for recurring maid service. You need this when you have a schedule that you follow and you don’t want your small chores to get in the way. You can schedule a recurring visit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Setting up recurring maid service means you will have help in your home right when you need it. You won’t have to bother about setting up a maid service as our technicians will show up right on schedule. They will vacuum the floor, mop it, clean your appliances, and leave your bedroom and bathroom looking and smelling night among other chores.

Fall & Spring House Cleaning Services

There’s a lot to love about the Spring season. But if there’s anything no one ever feels like doing when spring approaches are cleaning your home. You may hire the services of our maids to assist you with your spring clean-out. After all the layers of dirt that comes with winter and all the other chores you may need to do, it is best to bring in expert assistance. You don’t have to organize your closet, donate unused toys, and carry out a general clean-out on your own. We will work with you to achieved and allergen-free home ahead of spring.

Moving in or out

Moving is stressful enough. Adding to the stress of moving your belongings from one home to the other is the stress of cleaning up in either or both locations. Asides cleaning, there is a long list of other moving-related chores you may need to do. With our maid service, you don’t have to stress over packing your loads and unpacking when you get to your new place all on your own.

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