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Oxnard cleaning service offers comprehensive carpet cleaning services as part of our home and commercial cleaning services or as standalone service. Carpet cleaning is not a chore you should handle on your own. It is serious work and it is unlikely that you do a thorough job at it. Yet, you must do so regularly. This is why we recommend that you hire expert carpet cleaning care for your home or office carpet.

Why you need regular carpet cleaning?

Think of your carpet as some kind of air filter for your home. It where things like dust, dirt, and germs settle. When you leave it for too long without appropriate care, your carpet can constitute a health hazard in your home. Soon, you will start to breathe in some of the buildup of dirt on your carpet. To avoid this you need to clean your carpet regularly and with the right products. Whether in your home or office, cleaning your carpet also ensures that it continues to look nice and it prolongs the lifespan of the carpet. So not only is it a health investment, carpet cleaning serves aesthetic purposes as well.

Stain Protector for carpet

As part of our comprehensive carpet cleaning services, we apply stain protector on every carpet we wash. This way, your carpet does not only look clean and fresh, but it also stays clean for long afterward. A stain protector is a stain-resistant coating that repels water and oil-based stains from your carpet surface. It is suitable for all carpet types and ensures that your carpet stays clean long after we are gone.

Carpet Deodorizer

Dirty carpets may leave your home with an unpleasant and embarrassing smell. As part of our Oxnard carpet cleaning service, we use quality deodorizers on your carpet to permanently get rid of terrible smells from your carpet. We use top quality odor-absorbing products that remove common smells of skunk, pet smells, must odors, mildew, oil, and many more. Our deodorizers are non-toxic and non-corrosive and they are safe for children and pets. After we clean your carpet, we will apply the right amount of deodorizer on the carpet to fix your odor problem and give your space a fresh smell.

Tips to note after we are done cleaning your carpet

After our technicians are done cleaning your carpet, you must follow the recommended tips to ensure the best result. Typically, your carpet should be completely dry within a day of cleaning. During this period, we recommend that you keep pets and children off the carpet. Shoes should be kept away as well as this may transfer soil to the newly cleaned carpet. Usually, we may have to remove all your furniture before we commence cleaning. We recommend that you don’t rearrange them for at least 48 hours after the cleaning so vanish stains don’t get onto your clean carpet. You may notice occasional ripples or bubbles as the carpet dries. This is normal and should dissipate soon. We use a specialized cleaning method that is safe for all carpet types so you can be sure of the safety of your carpet when you hire our services.

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